Shattered Magazine Gift Pack

Do you want an easy and effective way to share Jesus with someone? Maybe there’s someone that you love who is struggling in their faith or going through a very hard time. Maybe there’s someone you know who doesn’t believe in God and you want to open up a door for a conversation. Or maybe you’ve been called to start a personal ministry like and handing out Shattered Magazine can be an effective ministry tool. No matter what the reason, there are hundreds of different reasons and ways to give someone a Shattered Magazine.

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I gave a magazine to Candy, a girl at my eye doctor’s office. She said she loved to read, so when I went to pick up my new glasses I gave her a magazine and said it’s just full of stories! She knows I’m “into Jesus” but I told her the stories are just about how real people have met Jesus, not about telling people how to live. She was excited. Pray for Candy…she’s a single mom and I think she needs solid friends so I’m hoping to continue building the friendship.

R. Hansen